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Tools & Dies

We maintain a full service, in-house, tool room and die shop. Our Engineers, Tool & Die Makers, and Machinists collaborate closely in the development and final design of all the tooling designed and manufactured at B G Peck.

Short Lead Times

The close collaboration of our Engineers and Tool Room allows us to go from concept to completion on even the most complicated multi-station die in less than 4 weeks.

Our Tool Room carries many types of air hardening tool steel. For applications requiring carbide. Our network of local suppliers can have the carbide or any special tool steel at our facility within a few days ready for cutting in our Wire or conventional EDM Machines.

Our in-house jig-grinding capabilities allow us to hold tolerances to within +/-0.0005 when required. We incorporate the latest die protection monitors, to protect our customer’s investment in the tooling.

Why Die Protection?

The proper incorporation of die sensors and monitors gives our customers these competitive advantages:

  • Eliminate Die Crashes
  • Increase Tooling and Equipment Up-Time
  • Higher Strokes-Per-Minute
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • On Time Customer Delivery
  • One operator can now operate multiple presses

Tooling Preventive Maintenance Program

Our Engineers define all of the preventative maintenance requirements for a new die set before it ever leaves the Tool Room. We keep an inventory of die parts based on the history of the dies so as to minimize down time. This enables us to keep production dies and tools within design specifications at all times. This practice eliminates costly production delays.

Total In-House Capabilities

From Die Design, Build and Sampling to Production and Die Maintenance

  • Precision Stamping & Forming Dies To Your Requirements
  • CAD Design – Engineering Services
  • Skilled Die Makers – 30 Years In The Business
  • Tool Room Backed By EDM, CNC Machining, Jig Grinding
  • Pressroom – Presses To 80 Tons

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